How to Disassemble a Nintendo Entertainment System

This is a tutorial on how to disassemble a Nintendo Entertainment System


The only tool you will need for this job a a phillips head screwdriver.


First flip the NES over and you will see six holes in the plastic casing. There is a phillips head screw in each hole that should be removed to take the lid off.


Once you’ve removed the screws flip the NES back over and take her top off. You will see some metal shielding that will require the removal of seven more screws.


Once the seven screws holding the sheilding have been removed you may remove it to expose the spring loaded cartridge slot. The cartridge slot is held in by six screws.


After you’ve removed the six screws you must lift the board and shimmy the cartridge slot back and forth slightly while pulling to remove it, but before this step can be completed there are two more screws that hold the board to the bottom housing.


Once the screws are removed the cartridge slot may be removed.


The next step is to disconnect the power/reset button and the player 1, player 2 controller port harness from the main circuit board.


Lift up and flip the main circuit board over to get access to the harness connectors on the board and remove them.


Now that the harness connectors have been disconnected you should be able to remove the main circuit board. At this point you will be able to just lift the bottom shielding away from the board and just set it aside.


Now it is time to remove the 72 pin cartridge connector from the main circuit board. There should not be anything holding the connector to the board other then the spring tension from the pins on the board. It is just a simple matter of pulling the connector from the board. Depending on the age and condition of your system will determine how much force is necessary to remove the connector. Some systems may need a little more force to pull the connector off than others.


 Now with the 72 pin connector removed, congratulations the NES board is now naked. (Giggity)


You may now set the main board aside and finish the disassembly on the bottom case. There are two screws that hold the power/reset button in the bottom case.


Once the power/reset button is remove we may now take out the player 1+2 controller ports.


Now turn the bottom case of the NES over and there are two screws that hold the black plastic retainer.


Once the screws are removed the retainer may be lifted off and the controller ports can be removed from the case.


With the controller ports removed the NES have been completely disassembled.


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